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Document Management system

Enterprise of today generates thousands and thousands of paper documents each year that takes up quite a good real estate of the office space. Document management software will be able to replace those bulky file cabinets, but that’s not only its advantage. Document management software will help your business increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, become more organized by providing workflow in addition to configuration and the list goes on.

What is Document Management System?

In a nutshell, it’s a way for any entity or organization shares, stores and edits documents digitally. More and more businesses are switching to document management software to help boost productivity and reduce costs. In addition to the benefits to the organizations, there is a push and mandate by lawmakers in both US and UK for legislation that requires files and documents to be stored digitally. For instance, pharmaceutical facilities are being required to store digital copies of their files in addition to traditional paper copies in an effort to make the transition gradually to paperless.

Why we need Document Management System

Consider a company or enterprise not having any document management system, think of what type of challenges the may face to manage and deal with the information. Following are few challenges but not the all

  1. Do we know how much time is spent on searching for documents and information in a company?
  2. Which employee spends how much working time with filing and searching for information?
  3. How many documents are lost on their way through the company?
  4. How difficult is it to find a document, which is still "in process" or held up beyond the time line in the company?
  5. Who has it at the moment? How many distribution copies get made daily?
  6. How much time is spent on transporting documents through the company?
  7. Wouldn't more transparency in workflows on documents be desirable?
  8. How much space is required for the paper storage?
  9. How much does this real estate space cost per month/year?
  10. Can multiple people work on the same document to reduce the time span of making the document
  11. How about the information that goes in mail, fax or minutes of any discussion or Meeting or feedback taken up in a survey.
  12. How about the telephonic conversation done by help desk agents, sales or marketing team.
  13. How much does all these challenges cost to the company?

In an average more than 70% critical data or information are lost when an enterprise do not have a document management system

What is DocMuster?

DocMuster is an innovative document management system developed by MusterMind solution with latest technology and optimized interface, so that the performance of the system is optimal with minimum h/w resources.

How DocMuster is different from others

DocMuster system has been designed to enhance the Features, Tools, compatibility and also to provide standards & compliance customizable for specific industries.

DocMuster Feature Advantage

  1. Document on the GO (Mobile Support)
  2. Easy & Faster access
  3. Role based permissions and integrated to organization role
  4. Defined sharing methods integrated to directory server Quick alert system
  5. Optimized Recovery and back up process
  6. Customized and rule based archival process
  7. Best performance on optimized h/w
  8. Easy Integration and deployment
  9. High vertical and horizontal scalability of the system
  10. Stores scanned document, fax, audio and video files along with digital documents.
  11. Stores Mails , MoM, social enterprise activities as documents
  12. Document Metadata storage which can help for advance search and analytic
  13. Option for Centralized and decentralized document repository depending on need of the organization
  14. Globalization feature to enable multiple language